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Sun control film

Anti-glare​film​from the company​Haverkamp offers a wide variety of aesthetically-pleasing and totally opaque designs, structures and finishes with our OPALVaRIO system of window blinds and accessories. The choice of material​is determined in accordance with the desirable effect to be achieved.​Among others some films possess the effect​that they are not transparentfrom outside.

Approximately 40%​of the energy consumption in​Denmark​is used for the heating of​rooms.​Large​amounts of energy are also spent on cooling of​rooms​during hot​summer​months.

The anti-glare film possesses the property that​it​throws​back the heat of the sun dutring the summer. During the winter the anti-glare film will keep​heat in the​rooms.

The film is virtually eliminating irritating glare, and provides a​more comfortable​workplace​for example by the computer.​The film is​self-adhesive​and​attached directly to the​window.A disadvantage of this film, is the fact that during dark​seasons​less​sunlight will come into the room. In case this disadvantage is not desirable, Anti-glare film is available as​blinds​or​vertical blinds.

Use of​anti-glare film​thus leads​both​to a reduction​of energy consumption​and provides apleasant​working environment.​Unlike many​other good​ways to save​energy,​the use ofwindow film is a​relatively​inexpensive​solution. The costs are easily regained in a few​years.